Lawn Application Program



Dry applications featuring slow release fertilizer for longer sustained feeding.

1. Early Spring

Pre-emergent w/ fertilizer for early control of Crabgrass and Foxtail and early spring green-up

2. Late Spring

Pre-emergent w/ fertilizer for season long control of Crabgrass and foxtail. Broadleaf weed control.

3. Grub Control

Season long control of White Grubs.

4. Summer

Slow release fertilizer. Broadleaf weed control.
Mowed lawn of a house - Lawn care  in Kansas City, MO

5. Early Fall

Balanced fertilizer. Broadleaf weed control.

6. Late Fall/Winter

High nitrogen fertilizer. Provides winter hardiness & early spring green-up.
Paragon Lawns uses only "State of the Art" technology that has been proven effective in University trials. We can assure you of the finest and safest products available for your lawn. It is far less expensive to treat for Grubs then to rebuild the lawn after damage occurs.

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