Irrigation in the Greater Kansas City Area




Service & Repair

  • Our technicians service and repair all brands of irrigation systems.
  • Service charges are based on time / labor plus materials. In most cases we can repair your system (with your permission) while we are there.

Backflow Inspection & Certification

  • Paragon Lawns has technicians certified to perform required backflow inspections.
  • We will complete the certification and forward to appropriate water district.
Grass sprinkler - Lawn care  in Kansas City, MO


An irrigation system by Paragon Lawns will make your life more enjoyable during those hot, dry summer months.


  • No more dragging hoses.
  • No more moving and adjusting sprinkler for a specified area.
  • No more over watering one area and not enough water on another area because you forgot.
  • No more watering streets and sidewalk because the sprinkler was not adjusted correctly.
  • Setting the controller and walking away.
  • The yard is watered while you sleep.
  • Leaving for vacation or a weekend at the lake and not worrying about watering the lawn.
  • Rains coming and you do not need to worry about your new Paragon Lawns Irrigation System because your system has a rain sensor that shuts the system off at times of rain.
  • Increased property values because you have a Paragon Lawns Irrigation System